A Midsummer Night's Demon



Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

A: Hi! My name is Alexa Piper, and I write paranormal romance. My first series is called Fairview Chronicles, which follows some very special individuals, supernatural and human, in their quest to make Fairview safer. They succeed, sometimes through sheer luck and force of will. I also recently started a second series called Dusk & Dawn, which is a little bit like an alternate history in which Vampires, Werewolves, and Fae exist and have made themselves know to humanity centuries ago, thus reshaping historical events and society as a whole. Sounds serious, I know, but it is a comedy. I have a few standalones out as well.


Q: Have you always written romance?

A: No! I started out with science fiction and fantasy which I still write, but I love romance. Writing a series with recurring characters is amazing, because it's not just the reader than wants and gets to spend more time with these people, I do as well. And I often try to make my stories funny, which is something I really love.


Q: Can you tell us what goes into writing a book for you? And how long does it take you to do so?

A: I can write fast, especially when I have a sense of the story and feel very passionate about it. I can and have finished books in a month or less. For the most part, I do research as needed. I'm not the kind of person that takes a trip to a museum or a different country to do research. I use the internet or pull from what I know. My focus is on letting the story manifest on the page as quickly as possible, mostly because I am curious myself about what will happen next. I might go back though and fill in details later.


Q: What are your favorite characters and love relationships to write?

A: Oh, boy. I think I like characters with edges. They should definitely have a sharp tongue, because I really enjoy banter. I like to write the kind of person that could talk me under the table. In terms of the love relationships, I'm not too picky. Many of my characters are queer, though not all of them. Life is colorful, and so is love.


Q: Pick one of your books and tell everyone why they should read it.

A: Okay, let me pitch you A Midsummer Night's Demon, my most recent book in the Fairview Chronicles. It has beautiful writing, action, demonic banter, and horny furniture. A lot of the demons are horny as well, but that goes without saying. Oh, and you will encounter wicked witches as well, be warned.



Genre: M/m Paranormal Romance

June 19,2020


The son of the Lord of Hell, Lark, is engaged to a demon whom he does not love. He escapes hell, his father, and his fiancé. His flight takes him to the human plane, where he finds himself summoned by Chris, former lawyer and current accountant of St. John Investigations.

Chris really just wanted to learn about demonic math when he decided to summon one of the denizens of hell, but confronted with Lark, he decides getting the beautiful demon into his bed is far more appealing than accounting.

But Lark’s escape from hell does not go unnoticed, and soon the Lord of Hell himself arrives in Fairview to take his son back to the altar. Three wicked witches also come to the city looking for a love that was dragged to hell. It might just be one magical desk that holds the key to everyone’s happiness and happily-ever-after.