A Woman Alone

 Title: A Woman Alone

Author: Nina Laurin

Genre: Psychological thriller,

Pages: 328

Rating: 5

A high-stakes, pulse-pounding thriller from the bestselling author of Girl Last Seen.

A year after a brutal home invasion that left her traumatized, Cecelia, along with her husband and their three-year-old daughter, move into a new house with a complex security system that is supposed to make her feel safe.

But reality proves different as strange things begin to happen at home and the security system reveals that the house had a prior occupant: Lydia.

On her quest to discover the fate of the mysterious Lydia, Cecelia uncovers metaphorical skeletons in the closet, and she realizes that that no one's secrets are safe -- including her own.


My thoughts

Would I recommend it? Yes, in fact I've already talked about to some friends and

told them they need to check it out for themselves.

Would I read more by this author? Yes, in fact this is the second time I've read and loved this author, the first nook I read by her was The Starter Wife.


First off I want to thank Forever as well as Grand Central Publishing for send me a copy of it to read, as soon as I saw it on their news letter that they send out I told myself that the name sounding familial and it wasn't until I got the book that I realized that she wrote The Started Wife which I also got from them and had read last year and loved it , and it was also a 5 star rating. On a side note after reading this I'll never live in a smart house especially after reading this.Now on to what I thought : From the very start crazy stuff starts to happening to Cecelia, and you start to wounder what the heck is going on, is someone trying to make this poor woman crazy , or is she somehow doing this to herself,or is it all in her head.And no matter what she does nobody is or will listen to her. Another thing this story is brigs to life is how futuristic it was, how even today we use in our everyday life technology and are dependant on it.Which in some case can be good or bad, and the way the author used that aspect helps give this story a dark and twist concept that helps make this story creepy, so if your looking for a story that is non stop, full of dark and twisted secrets and won't let you go until the very end this is for you.