Charming Academy

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Title: Charming Academy
Series : Charming Academy #1
Author: Jessica L.Elliott
Kindle book
Pages: 500

Growing up is hard enough for anyone, but for a boy destined to be the Prince Charming of a fairy tale it's an absolute nightmare. Attending Charming Academy you not only deal with the normal aspects of youth, but there are sarcastic dragons, vindictive witches and your princess hates you. Will Lucian survive school and become the prince his parents believe him to be.

My thoughts
Would I recommend it ? yes 
Would I read more of the series? Yes
Would I read more by this author? Yes
Have you ever wounder how the Prince Charming's became the Prince's they was meant to becoming before their stories, how they knew that the princess they had their forever afterwords with was the ones , will look no further ,because here is the book to explain all that. From fairies , watches to dragons , to how the frog prince came to be as well as to the beast , here is everything you can want to know abut your favorite  fairy tails , and as for it been 500 pages long you don't have to worry because once you start to read the pages fly by pretty fast, and the story pulls you into as you read it.And it told though the years like first year and so on right up to the year when the prince's find out what their quest will be to find and save their princess. So come check this one out .