Thanks everyone who left me a message on my post when I said I was staying, which I am, and you will be happy to know that I'm not talking to that person. After the last time they came at me, when they got mad because I posted my own thoughts and opinion in one of our groups, and I wasn't talking about them and even if I was I still had a right to say something about it. I've come to realize that there are people who no matter what they say will only come at you and keep attacking even after they said they was attacking you, and they say lets just put it in the past and leave it there , but then they keep bring it up and can talk about it when you can't, will that's fine but that's not a type of friend I want , someone who keeps questioning my honest , and my friendship and says that its my fault for some of the things their going though and calling me a lair ,nope that's not a friend at all. I'll say hi when they do, but that's about it and I've even left the group we started with some others. And to tell you the truth I'm so much happier then I've been the last few months.