Hearts Of Fire

Title: Hearts of Fire

Series: Chevalier Book 1

Author: Kay Doherty

Genre: LGBT ( paranormal Romance )


Luca Duray has been quite happy living a solitary existence for decades. But when a steel trap around his leg catches him when he’s weak and hungry, his life is irrevocably changed. He knows the wolf shifter who offers him assistance is more than he appears and immediately makes plans to keep the pup close.

Disowned by his pack for being gay, Tanner McBane is forced to become a lone wolf. While on a hunt, he stumbles upon an injured dragon shifter and provides aid. It’s not easy surviving on his own and when money gets tight, he finds himself face-to-face with the dragon shifter once again during an interview. Tanner isn’t sure a wolf should be working for a dragon, but he accepts the job and unknowingly creates a bond to his new boss. Soon, Tanner learns Luca isn’t just his boss—he’s his mate.

The mating of a wolf and dragon shifter is uncharted territory for both Luca and Tanner, but they are determined to make it work despite widespread prejudice, death threats, and the untraditional pack Tanner finds himself leading. Tanner only hopes that the bond he forms with Luca will prove to be unbreakable.


My Thoughts

 Would I recommend it?Yes

Would  read more of the series?Yes, in fact I already have books 2&3 to read and review   Would I read more by this author? Yes  First off I do have to say that this is a same-sex paranormal romance so if this isn't the type of book you're into that fine. Another thing is that it's told from  the dual  perspective of the two main characters Luca and Tanner. But what I really liked about the story was story was the  interesting paranormal elements it had to it, and how the author worked them into the story , with that said I would like to say thank you to Ninestar Press for sending me a copy of it to read and review .