Have Brides Will Travel

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Title: Have Brides , Will Travel
Series: Have Brides, Will Travel #1
Author: William W, Johnstone
Genre: Western
Rating: 4.5
In this rollicking new series, the Johnstones cordially invite you to the biggest, baddest event of the season--one that gives a whole new meaning to "shotgun wedding" . . .

Here come the brides. And the bullets . . .
Bo Creel and Scratch Morton are lifelong drifters who keep one eye on the horizon, one finger on the trigger, and one foot out the door. Roaming the West is what keeps them young, or so Scratch tells Bo. But when they save the life of Cyrus Keegan--the owner of a matrimonial agency--they receive an unexpected proposal that's hard to resist. Keegan needs to deliver five mail order brides to a mining town in New Mexico Territory. All Scratch and Bo have to do is get these gals to the church on time--and alive, if possible . . .

The job seems easy enough--and the brides-to-be are even easier on the eyes. Cecilia, Beth, Luella, Rose, and Jean all need good husbands. But their prospects look bad when the journey to the altar includes Mexican banditos, scheming silver robbers, and one overbearing rancher who won't take no for an answer. Bo and Scratch promised to keep the ladies safe--and keep their hands to themselves--but it could be the last vow they'll ever make . . .

My thoughts
Would I recommend it? yes
Will I read more of this series? yes
Would I read more by this author? yes
Once again its a win for William W.Johnstone , no matter the story or the genre his books are always big with me, they always keep me pulled into the story, in fact this one remind me of an old movie called Westword the women ( 1951), which I grew up watching , and that's other thing I love about their books is how they sometimes reminds me of old black and white movies I love to watch over and over . With that said I want to say thank you to Netgalley for letting me read and review it.