Bound In Flames

Katherine Kayne

Katherine Kayne now writes the romances she only dreamed of reading as a girl. With horses and magic and happily ever after… and heroes strong enough to follow their heroine’s lead. Counting herself fortunate to live in Hawaii a part of each year, Katherine created the world of the Hawaiian Ladies Riding Society to tell the stories of the fearless horsewomen of the islands’ ranches. Because who doesn’t love a suffragist on horseback? With a bullwhip? Wearing flowers? If you come along for the ride, be prepared for almost anything to happen. Katherine can promise you fiery kisses, charming cowboys, women who ride like the rainbow to save the day, and that rarest of beasts—handsome men who like to dance.

Title : Bound To Flame
 Series: Hawaiian Ladies Raiding Society    Author: Kathrine Kay
 Genre: Historical romance magical realms
 Pages: 347
Rating: 5
Publication:Oct 28,2019
 Letty Lang is a suffragist of the most fearless kind, with a bullwhip, big dreams, and ancient powers she doesn’t understand. Can she save her lover from her own lethal passions?  Banished to boarding school to tame her wild temper, Letty Liliuokalani Lang returns home to Hawaii, bringing her devotion to animals with her. She’ll be among the first female veterinarians in history—remarkable in 1909 when women still cannot vote.  With one mad leap into the ocean to save a horse, Letty sets another destiny in motion. She is a mākāhā, a Gate to the healing fires of the land, her beloved ‘aina. Letty must learn to harness the ancient power that lives within her, fueled by her connection to the islands. But the price is steep.   Her inner flame burns hot—hot enough that her kisses can actually kill, a precarious inconvenience since the horse’s owner, Timothy Rowley, lights another kind of fire.  Can Letty learn to command her power in pursuit of her passion, or is the danger of love too great?
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My thoughts
 Would I recommend it ? Yes
Will I continue on with the series ?yes
 Would I read more by this author? Yes
 Wow ,just wow ,the story its self is beautiful written that she brings to life her characters , of course it would have to make me cry at two different parts of the story but over all it's now one of my new favorite 2019 books. And the characters ,out of all of them Letty is my favorite ,the way she's out going and spirited, and her love for animals, other thing I love about the story is how the  author use the myths of the Hawaiian people and their islands , it shows just how much they love them and honored them. Plus I loved how there was usage of the Hawaiian language and there's even a language glossary in the back of the book , plus the mentioning of the flowers and their meaning.And while it does mention the colonialism and how the Hawaiian people was look down upon it  also show that there was people even from the islands that worked against their own people.Hopeful I'm putting my thoughts down in a way you the readers of this blog can somewhat understand, because in  many ways I'm not sure  if I'm give it the justification it deserves. With that said I want to thank NetGalley as will as Smith Publicity for let me read and review it exchange for my honest opinion as well as a big thank you once again to Smith Publicity for send me a copy of it .