How I pick my Monthly TBR Out

How I pick my monthly TBR ?

I first start with books I have to read for blog tours ( which is never a hole lot),buddy reads ,  then books I  want to read for any readathons I'm planning on doing or Facebook groups I'm in like the :

The Reading Rivalry ( each month we're put in teams ( from the 1-25 of that month) and there's a list of criteria to read for so 

First I write down the criteria challenges , 


2nd:Go to my Netgalley ARCs then Kindle ,and physical books to find ones that fit.

3 : then I write them down beside the criteria I want to use them for.

Then all I have to think about it my non-critical books which can be anything .


The second thing I do is I go to random number generator and use that to pick my Netgalley ARCs ( the main reason I use the random number generator is because it's a fun way of picking my books because I don't know what books are been picking until the number comes up)  I want to read the rest of the month as well as physical books. 

For picking my physical books I just pick what catch's my eye ,it can be a all time favorite author, a cover or book title . Books that was sent to me from Forever Romance or Grand Central Publishing .

Then I make a list of the books and then I do a stack it list where I pick the first four or five books from that list , then I go from there .


This way it's a fun way of picking books plus I don't stress about how long a book is and it helps me to mix and match my genres .And if I want to I can add more to my list after reading the list of books . Plus it's also away for me to pick up books I might not have picked up or their been on my Kindle or Physical book shelf for a while