Down Too Deep


Title: Down Too Deep
Series: Dirty Deeds #4
Author: J.Daniels
Genre: romance
Oct 8,2019
Fans of Christina Lauren and Colleen Hoover will love this sexy and emotional fourth book in the New York Times bestselling Dirty Deeds series.

Following the sudden death of his wife, Nathan Bell has spent nearly two years burying himself in work and neglecting his biggest responsibility: his daughter. Overcome with guilt, he wants to connect with little Marley, but he doesn’t know how to do it alone. And then Jenna Savage throws him a lifeline.

A single mom of twins, Jenna is more than capable of taking care of Nate’s adorable two-year-old, and wants to help Nathan however she can. Soon, attachments are made, forcing Jenna and her kids into new territory. And the closer everyone becomes, the more right it feels.

Falling in love forces Nathan to face his biggest fear, and when hearts, both big and little, are on the line, the only thing scarier than needing someone is losing them all.

My thoughts
Would I recommend it? yes
Would I read the rest of the series? yes
Would I read anything else by this author? yes
This is my first time reading anything by this author and will its port of a series i got lost in the story , its a story about how much a  single father loves his daughter but has no idea how to connect with her in anyway , then he meets Jenna a single mother of twins and not only finds it himself to show his daughter that he loves her but also that's its ok to fell back in love with someone else. So if single parent romances is one of your favorite romances then this might be for you As for reading it I had no trouble reading it by itself without reading the rest of the series but if you want to then go ahead and read them in the order they came out in, either way I'm going to be reading the rest of the series when I can, because the author has a way of telling her story and bring together her main characters in a slow burning romance , while at first sight they do have insta-attention for each other and you can see it and not only feel it , to me its was slow because they didn't want to get hurt again , with that said I want to thank Netgalley and Forever for letting me read and review it exchange for my honest opinion