The Marriage Trap


My husband has been keeping secrets for a long time. He thinks I don’t know what he does outside of this house. But I know everything…
Karla watches silently as Jason hurriedly packs his belongings into a suitcase. She knows that her stillness is unnerving him as she watches his every move from the doorway of their bedroom.
Clothes are screwed up and packed into the case, along with a watch she bought him for his last birthday and his precious laptop. He takes everything from his bedside table. Everything except the framed wedding photo, which now stands alone. Karla strains to see the smiling faces in the photo. If only she knew then what she knows now.
‘I’ve fallen in love with someone else,’ he’d said to her, just moments earlier. The brutality of those words hit Karla hard and she struggled to breathe as she took in each word in turn.
You may think you know what Karla will do next. But you’ll be wrong. Because Karla isn't who you think she is. Only she knows what's about to happen. And you will never see it coming.
An absolutely gripping psychological thriller for readers who loved The Girl on the Train, Gone Girl and The Other Woman. With twists you’ll never see coming, you will not be able to put this one down!

Wow another win for Sheryl Browne , so far I've read three of her books The Babysitter ( which was my first time reading her books and I was hooked ), The Second Wife ( one of my all favorites of hers , and this one which is The Marriage Trap, and what a read this toured out to be , the inter time I was reading it I was hooked , and on the edge of my set or I should say bed , I couldn't put it down , and I was even holding me breath at times , this story is a little twisted , and dark because of the lies , the dark secrets . Other reason why I love her books is because her characters are all dark, and twisted and they never fell to give me goosebumps, and while there is characters that I love on this one there wasn't one at all, because all them was nasty , but that's what also  kept me wanting to read more of it , this story will never let you down it didn't me , and now i can't wait to see what else she comes up with , with that said I want to thank Netgalley for letting me read and review ,