Luis has spent his career chasing the darker side of life. First a vice cop, then an FBI profiler, now he lands in the Boston field office, and not by choice. He expects his case load to have a much lighter tone than he’s used to. He wasn’t counting on New England’s dark history, or their pride in it. He didn’t understand how close-knit the old towns could be, or how protective they were of their own. He soon finds he’s going to have to count on every skill he ever used in his time at headquarters, and a few skills he didn’t know he had, if he wants to keep body and soul together. Complicating matters is a new case Luis has just been handed, working with the Mass. State Police. Luis has history there, and ugly history too. Detective Donovan Carey is the guy who broke Luis’ heart over a decade ago. He wasn’t willing to even peek his head outside the closet, certainly not for someone like Luis. Can they put their history aside to deal with a mystery centuries in the making?


Series:Hunter 1



Genre:LGTB ( Gay romance)

 thoughts :

Rating: 3.5

Would I recommend it? Yes

Will I be reading more of this series ?maybe

While I liked the the story , I didn't like some of characters in fact I couldn't stand Donvovan at all, and I'm not sure I ever will, it was like though out the book he kept pushing Luis and how it was always his plain to go back home after collage, he didn't even understand why Luis had the right to be angry or why he seemed to have changed ,Luis on the other hand made me feel sorry for him, the way he kept think he wasn't good enough to be loved and didn't deserve a happy every , and the stuff he put up with from his fellow officers.As for the story it self I liked how the author used history of New England , and how there was a tough of the paranormal , and how the setting seemed to give the story a dark and gloomy feel to it ,which bought the story to life . With that said I want to thank Netgalley for letting me read and review it exchange for my honest opinion .