Without Trace

 Title: Without A Trace

Author: Carissa Ann Lynch

genre: thriller



Lily’s gone.

Someone took her.

Unless she was she never there…

A little girl has gone missing.

Lily was last seen being tucked into bed by her adoring mother, Nova. But the next morning, the bed is empty except for a creepy toy rabbit.

Has Nova’s abusive ex stolen his “little bunny” back for good?

At first, Officer Ellie James assumes this is a clear custody battle. Until she discovers that there are no pictures of the girl and her drawers are full of unused toys and brand new clothes that have never been worn…

Is Ellie searching for a missing child who doesn’t actually exist

My Thoughts

Rating: 5

Would I recommend it? yes

Will I read anything else by this author? yes

This story pulls you in from the very start it makes you ask is Lily real and if so where is she, was she taking by her father , or was she killed by her mother or did some one else take her, or is she a fragment of Nova's imagination, and those are the same questions that Officer Ellie James has to answer as well, right form the start you since there is something really wrong but who is telling the truth and if Lily is real then why can't Ellie find anything on her and why doesn't nobody know about her, or if they do know about her who are they protecting is is Lily , Nova or both or is it Nove's ex, like I said it pulls you in to the story and keeps you guessing and making you want to know what it it the truth and what are the lies and who is tell them . There are times that I would go back and froth on with Lily was real or not. And there is more going on then what you think is going . With that said I would like to thank Netgalley for letting me read and review it exchange for my honest opinion.