Luck Of the Draw

Luck Of The Draw - B.J. Daniels

Title: Luck Of The Draw
Series: Sterling's Montana #2
Author: B.J.Daniels
Genre: romance
Pages: 384
May 21, 2019
Edelweiss+ ARC
Books in series:
Book 1

Book synopsis
He may get a second chance at his one true love--if someone doesn't kill her firstWhen Garrett Sterling leaves for a horseback ride through his family's sprawling Montana property, he's expecting a relaxing break from the construction at the Sterling guest ranch. What he gets is something far more sinister. It all happened so fast that it's hard for Garrett to sort out the facts. But two things are certain: someone is dead and the killer knows there was a witness.When a woman from his past emerges as a key piece of the investigation, Garrett is determined to uncover what really happened that day, how she's involved--and why everything she's ever told him is a lie.

Wow now I really need to pick up the first book to this series.As your reading you find out how Garrett and the mysterious woman past is interlinked ,but you also find out why someone is trying to kill. her and it's also linked to her past before she ever meet Garrett, there's romance, an secrets , a killer or two,and finding out the truth even if.the truth can kill you.With that said I want to thank Edelweiss for read and review it exchange for my honest opinion