The Third Mrs Durst

The Third Mrs.Durst - Ann Aguirre

Title :The Thrid Mrs.Durst

Author: Ann Aguirre
Genre: Thriller
Book synopsis
 Some people just need killing.
Marlena Altizer Durst lives in her husband’s shadow. He controls her every move—what she wears, the food she eats, and the friends she’s allowed to make. If she disobeys, there are… consequences. And he has all the power, so nobody would believe her.
Her Cinderella story has been well-documented and it seems that she leads a fairy-tale life. But nobody ever wonders if Cinderella was happy after she married the prince. Marlena has traded freedom and safety for luxurious imprisonment, and most days, that seems like a bad bargain. Death may be the only exit she’s allowed. Just like his first wife. And his second.
Unless she flips the script.
And gets away with murder… 
My thoughts: 
Rating:5 stars all the way
Would I recommend it? A BIG FAT YES , IN FACT I'm trying to talk one of my friends into reading it right now.
Would I read anything else by her: yes
Are there triggers that might be harmful to others ? Yes ,trigger warnings for rape.
Wow ,just wow , I can't seem to put how I feel about this book into words ,but I'm going to try .First let's talk about the character I hated ,the character that even though he was and is a book character had me thinking and plotting his disappearance / murder . And on that note that was the fault of my good friend Frishawn who wanted me to pick up this book right away since we both had it . And man was  she once again right about me liking a  book.And the drum roll  please for the book character I was plotting to murder  was and is the one and only   Michael Durst - his a manipulative 
narcissistic sociopath- who prays on young girls that come from nothing , and he then lures them into his web like a black widow spider  or a carnivores praying mantis ,and when his poor victims are unaware he strikes and shows his truth colors , which is 
 abusive and sadist in every way ,his Bluebeard in the flesh ( and we all know what type of person he was ), plus he seems to like to try an turn  his wives into the Stepford Wives ( and then when his done with them ,they meet their cruel fate ).And that all I'm saying about him ,
Now in to the character that I liked :  
And that's Marlena - who reminds me of a striking cobra, fast and deadly but there was times I kept thinking stop playing with your food and get it over with because doing those times she was like a cat who  plays  with their food before the going in for the kill  , but in the end she was the cobra , who is just as deadly as they are beautiful. With that said I want to say thanks Netgalley for letting me read and review it exchange for my honest opinion .