You're Not Safe

You're Not Safe - Mary Burton

Title: You're Not Safe

Series: Texas Rangers #3

Author : Mary Burton


genre: Romance Suspense

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Book synopsis

He Will Never Forget

The broken body hanging from a tree in Texas Hill Country. . .the frozen figure huddled in a meat locker. . .only at second glance does the truth become apparent. What seems like suicide is far more sinister, and the terror is only beginning...


Never Forgive


One devastating moment changed Greer Templeton's life and ended two others. Now, with a body found on her property and Texas Ranger Tec Bragg on her doorstep, Greer's nightmare has returned. With each new victim, her link to Tec's case grows, and soon it will be too late to run.


And Never Let Them Live. . .


Greer hoped the past was behind her, but an obsessed killer has never forgotten the bond that unites them. One by one, he will track down his victims, finish what was started--and make Greer's dying wish come true.

My thoughts

rating: 5

Would I recommend it? yes

Would I recommend the series? yes

Will I read any thing else by this author? yes

This is in fact the second book I've read by this author and so far she's never let me down,her writing style and stories always pull me into her stories and the characters come to live off the page , its like watching a movie only your reading it. There is a romance in it but it doesn't take away from the story and its not a fast romance either  its the slow burning kind and it works for the story. I was pulled into the story from the very beginning and found myself guessing throughout the book about who would try and want to hurt Greer, as for the characters I didn't really like her mother , yes she lost a child but then she just throws Greer away like she's non thing and then she except her to jump when she says to jump , but I did like the other characters and the killer I kind of felt sorry for but then when I found out why bodies was turning up that's when I started to  dislike them .