that night

That Night - Cyn Balog

Title: that night

Author: Cyn Balog

genre: YA


pages: 320

book synopsis

Hailey wants to know the truth, but there are some secrets that are best left buried…


Hailey is determined to find out all she can about her boyfriend's suicide. She knows Declan wouldn't kill himself, even if she can't remember a lot of what lead up to that fateful night.


Kane, Declan's stepbrother and Hailey's best friend, wants to move past what happened—not dig up bad memories. But the more Hailey searches for information, the more she remembers.


As the truth begins to unravel, Hailey finds herself unveiling secrets she never could have imagined—secrets that have the possibility of ruining everything.

my thoughts

rating: 2

Would I recommend it : no

will I read any more by this author: yes

I was so looking forward to this one since I liked her other one Alone, but sadly it wasn't meant to be, right from the start it went from liking and felling sorry for Hailey to just plain not felling any thing for her , and all the time felling sorry for her best friend Kane and wounding why was he still friends with her, the more I read the more i started thinking what if Declan's suicide wasn't a suicide , what if it was murder , and I wanted to know if I was right or not, but the more I read the more I begin to see that Hailey wasn't a nice friend or even a girlfriend , and the end wasn't that much of a surprise with that said I want to thank Netgalley for letting read and review it  exchange for my honest opinion.