The Jackals

The Jackals - William W. Johnstone

Title:The Jackals

Author: William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone



Publisher: Kensington Books

Pub: Jan 29 ,2019

book synopsis




Alone, these justice fighters are dangerous enough. Together they're a wild bunch known as the Jackals. Now, national bestselling authors William W. and J.A. Johnstone are turning them loose . . .


With Apaches on the prod, ex-cavalry sergeant Sean Keegan, bounty hunter Jed Breen, and ex-Texas Ranger Matt McCulloch take shelter in a West Texas way station--along with a hot-as-a-pistol female bound for the gallows, a spiteful newspaper editor, and a coward with $50,000 who promises them five grand if they'll deliver his blood-soaked stash to his wife.


Turns out, Indians might be the least of the problems for the trio, soon to be known as the Jackals. The loot's stolen property of the vengeful Hawkin gang, and these prairie rats are merciless, stone-cold killers. And the brother of the man the woman killed wants to butcher her himself rather than watch her swing. McCulloch, Keegan, and Breen are ready for a showdown--but the Jackals may not live to spend that $5,000.


My thoughts

rating: 5

Would I recommend it? yes , in fact I did a buddy read with one of my friends since she never read a western or one of his books

Will I read any more by them? yes

OMG this book reminds me of my 2 all time favorite westerns that I watched with my Dad while growing up and still love to watch to this day , and which 2 may you ask will I'll tell  you: 

Stagecoach 1939 starting John Wayne, Claire Trevor,Donald Meek , Thomas Mitchell,and many more 
Lost Of The Comanches 1953 starting: Broderick Crawford, Barbara Hale, Johnny Stewart, Lloyd Bridges,and many more as well
What more can you want in a western, gunfights, outlaws, indians , and heroes that fight for the just of rightness even if they do bend the law a little , its a story of how the west was like , and won and its all bought to life by the writing of William W.Johnstone and J.A.Johnstone. So set back and enjoy the ride when you pick up one of their books because its action from the every first page to the very end, and their never let you down , or so far they've never let me down, with that said I want to thank Netgalley for letting me read and review it , exchange for my honest opinion.