Honor of the Mountain Man

Honor of the Mountain Man - William W. Johnstone

Title: Honor of the Mountain Man

Series: Mountain Man, #20) 

Author: William W.Johnstone

Genre: western

Pages:288 pages


Smoke Jensen has a new mission - to help outlaw Joe Wales avenge the death of his wife. Outnumbered or not, Smoke is going to help his old friend track down the savages responsible for the crime.


My thoughts'

rating: 5 

Would I recommend this series: yes

Would I read anything else by this author: a big yes

Once again a hit for this series, love reading it even if I am reading it out of order but i have no trouble understand what is going on, can't wait to read more by him and of this series. With that said I want to say thanks to Netgalley for letting me read and review it exchange for my honest opinion.