Dig Your Own Grave

Dig Your Own Grave - William W. Johnstone
Title: Dig Your Own Grave

Series:Will Tanner #5

Author: William W.Johstone

Pages: 308


Genre : western

Date book comes out: Mar 26, 2019

book synopsis:

Johnstone Country. Keeping the West wild.

U.S. Marshal Will Tanner is one hell of a manhunter. But this time, he's chasing six men across three states with one gun and no backup. This isn't justice. This is a suicide mission . . .


It starts with a prison break in Missouri. When notorious bank robber Ansel McCoy busts out, he teams up with five other outlaws. Then he and his gang rob a bank in Kansas. Now they're crossing state lines into Oklahoma Indian Territory. And that's where U.S. Marshal Will Tanner steps in. Other marshals from Kansas and Missouri have already lost the trail. Which means Tanner has to go it alone. Deep in the wilderness. Outnumbered and outgunned. One good man against six blood-crazed killers. Even if he manages to survive the elements and find McCoy's hideout, it's not just the end of his search. It's his funeral . . .

My thought 

rating: 5 

Recommend this series: yes

Would I read more by this author: yes 

For those who don't know I'm a big fan of William W.Johnstone and J.A.Johnstone. Wither its horror or their westerns .Each of their stories has characters that you either love or hate and in this case Will Tanner is one of those characters that you fell in love with. The story comes to live the more you read it, and just like their other books so does the places, and the people , it's the type of book that makes you forget how bad of a day you might have had . There are other remembereral characters that you also grew to love , and there's even one character that reminded me of a whiny brat , because of the way she acted towards Will. So if you love fun fights, bank robberies, and just plain adventure then you have to pick this series up and read it .With that said I want to thank Netgalley and the publisher for letting read and review it exchange for my honest opinion.