The Sheikh's Tempted Assistant

The Sheikh's Tempting Assistant - Leslie North

title: The Sheikh's Tempting Assistant 

Author: Leslie North

Series: The Sheikh's Meddling Sisters #1

Genre: adult romance 

Netgalley ARC

pages : 135

Book synopsis:

Laura Bliss is an assistant location scout with no sense of direction—which is how she got stuck with a faulty GPS and the job of scouting sand dunes rather than the oasis her boss is currently viewing. With the sun going down and Laura seriously worrying for her life, she stumbles across a tent that looks more like a palace than a campsite. Dehydrated and burnt, it seems like salvation—until men wearing desert garb and toting AK47’s ride out in jeeps to gather her. 

Sheikh Raheem can barely believe his luck when an American woman is brought into his tent. He is passionate about his country’s natural splendor, but its PR is in desperate need of a makeover—perhaps as much as the dirty beauty in front of him. He makes an offer: Laura, with her eye for finding the beauty in a location, will help him craft a campaign promoting his country, and when she completes the project he’ll send her back to America with a paycheck she can live on for years. Seeing a chance for financial freedom, Laura jumps at the opportunity. 

As Raheem shows off the magnificence of his land, Laura finds herself getting swept into a fairy tale full of palaces, five-star luxury, and the most sensuous sex she’s ever experienced. Though she values her independence, the temptation to stay—not just for Raheem, but for the beautiful country that isn’t getting the attention it deserves—holds her in place. But when the country’s natural treasures are threatened, Raheem and Laura must decide what means more to them: their love for one another or their original plans



Mt thoughts

rating: 4

Would I recommend this series: yes

Just like her other books if your looking for a story to just lose yourself in then Leslie North's books are for you , because once you start reading her stories , you get lost in them and don't want the story to stop , with that said I want to thank Netgalley for letting me read and review it ,exchange for my honest opinion .