Savage Sam - about the love of a dog for his boy

Savage Sam - Fred Gipson

Title : Savage Sam

Series: Old Yeller #2

by Fred Gipson

pages 151

Genre: children

book synopsis:

The son of Old Yeller helps his owners escape from the Apaches in the East Texas territory of the 1870s.


My Thoughts

Rating: 5 

This was a re read it and I'm so glad I have it again to re read over and over again, its one of my all time favorite books as well as movie , from beginning to the very last page it will have you laughing your head off, it's about a boy and his dog , all the shenanigans they get in to , and the love a dog has for his boy , and that dog will take on any thing for his beloved boy, because in Savage Sam's case you never hurt his boy , ever, . Its about family and friends as well . Its the perfect read for anyone no matter the age .