DNF sadly at 18%

Trafalgar: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sea Battle in History - Nicholas Best

Title : Trafalgar
Author: Nicholas Best
Genre: History -Nonfiction
Thristle Publishing
Type of book: Netgalley
Book synopsis
Beginning with a vivid recreation of Napoleon's army assembling at Boulogne for the invasion of England, Nicholas Best tells how the French fleet joined with their Spanish allies and set out for a decisive battle with the Royal Navy.

Following events through the eyes of eyewitnesses on the gun deck as well as the admiral's cabins, he takes us to the Mediterranean and the West Indies and back to the coast of Spain as the rival fleets manoeuvre for advantage. Then follows his gripping minute-by-minute account of the actual battle: a truly murderous affair as the rival fleets trade cannon shots as point-blank range.

My thoughts
Rating: DNF at 18%
Would I recommend it: yes and No
: To people like myself who loves to read nonfiction and they can see and fell what the characters went through and get an image of the time the story takes place : No
But to people who love to read boring history book types then yes
Will I be read any more by this author : No
Sadly I had to DNF it at 18% because it was boring , and it took me a day and most of the night just to get 18 % in to the book , there was times I was even talking to my friend Robin about it ( Robin if and when you see this thanks for listing to me talk about how boring and dull)
Like I said it was boring, dull and even at times tedious to read . And came off like I was reading a history book .
Good things:
It showed the good and bad side of the defense of the English and Napoleon military
It talks about the military's leaders and why they was loved and like by their men and give a bit of history about them
talked about the places and give history on them as well

Bad things:
Napoleon was pompous as well as a douche bag
Pompous because of how he thought he was better then the English and Paris people and how he was going to show them up
He kept comparing himself to Caeser
A Douche bag because
He would write litters to his wife and say he was coming to visit but in reality he was going to see one of her Lady In Waiting
He even went to see one of the graves of a king and then had them bring up part of that kings bones so he could touch them , and was even think of having them to bring back that kings crown, jewels , and his sward and other stuff so he could wear them the day he became Emperor just to show the English and the people of Paris that he was better then them,
He never listened to his military , and they in turn was scared that if they spoke out against him they would lose their lives .
Need I say more about him , because not even his on military liked him or his own people and wanted the English to win and bring him down.
A part from it being boring, dull and tedious it did have a lot of interesting facts about history that i did in fact like just wish the author told it a lot better then he did .
With that said I want to say thanks to Netgalley as well as to Thristle Publishing for letting at lest try and read it , in exchange for my honest opinion.