Sea monsters

Kraken's Keep - Jean Kilczer

Title :Kraken's keep

Author: Jean Kilczer

Genre: SCI FI

type of book :kindle

pages: 270 

book synopsis

A routine dive takes a drastic turn for marine biologist Tess Hoffman and her boyfriend, when a monstrous underwater creature of unknown origin attacks them.

As they attempt study this dangerous deep-sea denizen, they team up with a ragtag crew of scientists and explorers, including Culley - a hero in disguise - and George, a brilliant scientist.

Stranded within the confines of their research vessel, they soon understand that their research mission has turned into a fight for survival.


My thoughts

rating: 5 stars

If you love sea monsters , and those old black and white movies where you have them vs man then you might want to check this out, there's even a touch of romance in it , as well as a touch of lgbtq , and while there is a few gruesome sences in the book , there isn't a hole lot, in fact  this book wasn't even scary to begin with , its more along the lines of SCI Fi then any thing, with characters that you will love like Culley  , who is my all time favorite character of the book . So what more can you want , sea monsters, romance, underwater sences , then you might want to pick this one up like I did .