MINIMAL by Phillip Hall

MINIMAL   - Phillip Hall

Author:Phillip R. Hall
Book synopsis:
The Count is unleashed! 

A serial killer has the police on edge. The Count's victims are identified by the tags he left draped around their necks bearing a single designation: a number. Each removed organ was carefully wrapped in plastic, labeled, and the piece-meal corpse was left to be purposefully found. Previously, victims One and Two were located, Four has just been discovered, and pretty, young Bree Wilson has just disappeared. 

Could she be Next? 

With precious little to go on, Detective Zac Toumille and his partner, Jenny Clark, are dragged along in a media circus as the nightmare continues--all in the hope to end the reign of The Count and free the missing Bree before it's too late--before she is reduced to just parts--before she becomes--MINIMAL.

My thoughts
rating: 4.5
freakish, and bizarre , but keeps you guessing on what's going to happen next ,and all the time it kept me on the edge on my seat through the whole story, though the end did surprise and that it ended in what felt like a cliffhanger , to find out what I mean your going to have to read the book for yourself .