Another new series started in 2019

Colter's Journey - William W. Johnstone

Book title : Coulter's Journey

author: William W.Johnstone ,A.J.Johnstone

series: Tim Colter #1

pages: 341

genre: western fiction 

book synopsis

n this thrilling epic of the American West, bestselling authors William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone capture the human side of the frontier experience in all its glory, grit, and grandeur—through the eyes of one remarkable teenage boy...

Leaving their Pennsylvania home to forge a new life in the untamed Oregon Territory of 1845, the Colter family is ambushed by a kill crazy gang of cutthroats on the Oregon Trail. Fifteen-year-old Tim Colter manages to escape and hide—only to return and find his parents butchered, his sisters Nancy and Margaret missing, and one last killer waiting for his return.

Forced to fight for his life, the young Colter embarks on a perilous journey across a lawless frontier, hoping to save his sisters and salvage the dream they lived for. But first, Tim has to figure out how to survive. Luckily, he finds a new friend in Jed Reno, a grizzled one-eyed trapper who’s lived in the Rockies since the 1820s—and who was attacked by the same gang that ambushed Tim’s family. Together, the mountain man and the greenhorn set out after the marauders, blazing a trail of vengeance that leads them to one of the deadliest men in the territory. With danger at every turn, and death just a heartbeat away, Colter has no choice but to grow up fast—one bullet at a time...


My thoughts

A great start to a new to me series that follows Tim and his life, in this book you see him growing up and learning the ways of the west, meeting his friend and teacher ane reading about his past and how it makes him ,who he becomes . You see him grow up and learning and just like a lot of William W.Johnstone books once you start to read you can't stop , i have one other book for this series , which i  can't wait to  read when i  get to it. If you haven't picked up a book by him then you need to check this one out or any of his book will do.