If you liked or loved CSI then you might want to check this out

For fans of Caitlin Doughty, Mary Roach, and CSI shows, a renowned forensic scientist on death and mortality.

Dame Sue Black is an internationally renowned forensic anthropologist and human anatomist. She has lived her life eye to eye with the Grim Reaper, and she writes vividly about it in this book, which is part primer on the basics of identifying human remains, part frank memoir of a woman whose first paying job as a schoolgirl was to apprentice in a butcher shop, and part no-nonsense but deeply humane introduction to the reality of death in our lives. It is a treat for CSI junkies, murder mystery and thriller readers, and anyone seeking a clear-eyed guide to a subject that touches us all.

Cutting through hype, romanticism, and cliché, she recounts her first dissection; her own first acquaintance with a loved one’s death; the mortal remains in her lab and at burial sites as well as scenes of violence, murder, and criminal dismemberment; and about investigating mass fatalities due to war, accident, or natural disaster, such as the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. She uses key cases to reveal how forensic science has developed and what her work has taught her about human nature.

Acclaimed by bestselling crime writers and fellow scientists alike, All That Remains is neither sad nor macabre. While Professor Black tells of tragedy, she also infuses her stories with a wicked sense of humor and much common sense
My thoughts
rating : 5 stars
Wow what a great read , and I couldn't put it down. The author gives you in-depth information about what a forensic anthropologist and human anatomist does , and how they work case that are solved and might have never be solved at all, and while its a very serious matter to talk about , she does throw in some humor to brake it up.She makes it very easy to understand how important they are , and has a why of making her job more realistic then the tv shows does , with that said i want to thank Edelwiss+ for letting me read and review it in change for my honest opinion and i will differentially be on the look out for books by her .