A High Sierra Christmas

A High Sierra Christmas by William W.Johnstone and J.A Johnstone

genre: western

series : Christmas 8

Netgalley Arc

read: 12/17/18

rating: 4.5 

book synopsis:

A Jensen family holiday takes a dark and dangerous turn—on the infamous Donner Pass—in this thrilling epic adventure from the bestselling Johnstones . . .

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the High Sierras. But Smoke Jensen and his children, Louis and Denise, won’t let a little snow stop them from heading to Reno for the holidays. There are two ways for them to get there: the long way, going around the Sierra Nevada Mountains, or the short way, going right through them. Smoke decides to take a gamble. They’ll follow the trail that, decades earlier, brought the legendary Donner Party to a gruesome, tragic end . . .

And so the journey begins. The Jensens share a stagecoach with a stranger who’s planning to rob a bank. Smoke wants to stop him, as well as his notorious gang of outlaws. But he’s outgunned and outnumbered. And when a blizzard traps them in the mountains, he’s out of luck too. Like the Donner Party before them, the Jensens will be forced to do whatever it takes to survive. This time, they’re hoping history doesn’t repeat itself. But sometimes, the ghosts of the past just won’t stay
buried .


My thoughts 

a story that shows you what a family will to survive ,nonstop action  all the way , so if you love books that have horses, stagecoaches, trains, avalanches, bank robbers and gunslingers, and the will to survive and do what ever it takes then this is for you . With that said i want to thank Netgalley for letting me read and review it .