If you like or love The Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds

The last attack happened more than 50 years ago in another sleepy resort-side village called Bodega Bay. Little was known about that attack, since several of the principals involved either fled or died off soon afterward, and many of the records were ordered burned along with the dead birds. In fact, no one can be sure it is the same situation after all these years. Tory McKnight, a future ornithologist working on a migration project, at first refuses to believe the reports she hears. Later she feels there must be a reason for what is taking place in the quaint town of San Clemente and begins to investigate. As things progress from bad to worse, more professional help is needed, and it may already be too late. For everyone who was left hanging with more questions than answers from the movie The Birds, and for all those who like a good suspense horror book, this will satisfy your cravings. Joe Moore's first book in a darker genre will keep you on the edge of your seat and searching the skies. Hurry and read this before the next gathering My Thoughts: Rating:4.5 If you like or love The Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds then you might like this. Wow just wow, what a read.I can differentially say it has a touch and fell of the Alfred Hitchcock movie , and while it's better than the movie The Birds 2, non thing can beat the original movie, and I have to say reading this at night right before going to bed was not a good idea especially if you have a love bird in your room, because unfortunately I read this before going to bed and it give me nightmares which is something that horror neve does. It takes the story a lot deeper and more dark then the Alfred Hitchcock's movie ever did, and it adds something to the story , but you have to read it to find out. With that said I want to thank Netgalley for letting me read and review it .