Readathons that are happening in October - yes I'm making a TBR for All of them

All of these start at 12:00 am and end 11:59 on the days they start and end 

Our Halloween Bingo


MercysBookishMusings on book tube 

Autumn Readathon


Saturday 20th to Friday 26th October

prompts are


. Read a gothic/spooky book

2. Read a non-fiction book that feels autumnal (I'm classing this as nature writing or cold location travel writing/memoir)

3. Read a novel set in a cold location

4. Read a historical fiction novel

Bonus prompts: 5. Read a short story collection recommendation video:

6. Read an adult novel about a young female protagonist recommendation video:

link to her booktube :


BooksandLala -book tube



october 15 - 21 

time it starts 12:00 am on 15th

time it ends:11;59 pm on 21 

twitter: @thespookathon

challenges 1. read a thriller

2. read a book with purple on the cover

3. read a book not set in the current time period

4. read a book with a spooky word in the title

5. read a book with pictures

you can  double up on challenges.

link to her video





all you do for this one is read every day , its that's easy 

link to her video



Book Roast

Magical Readathon 


Oct 8-14

Charms Extra Credit main coursework: -

Alohamora, read a book that's first in a series -

Accio, book that's top of your TBR -

Incendio, words 'fire' or 'flame' in the title/series name, or flame picture on the cover - Rictusempra, book that 'tickles you the right way' (exciting trope/theme/genre) -

Lumos, book with a light cover





If you don't know what the Magical Readathon is, don't worry! Just click the links below:

O.W.L.s announcement:

O.W.L,s happened back in April - next one is 2019 April ( goes though out the month of April - you can take them now or just wait until next April)


N.E.W.T.s announcement:

N.E.W.T.s happened in August - next one is 2019 August 

you have to take your O.W.L.s first then this one -or just wait to take both in 2019 



oct 13-31

twitter :@StrangeAThon

link is :



on instagram its :


link is :


also on book tube :



Challenges: 1.Deathly Time: A book where Death plays a big part.( as long has death plays a big part you can use it , because i asked about this one )

2.Thriller Killer: Read a thrilling book.

3.Halloween Icon: Read a book with a pumpkin, ghost, bat, black cat or a witch on the cover. Just something iconic to Halloween.

4.The Stella Special: Read a book with part of skeleton on it.

5.Summer Slasher: Read a Spooky book set in Summer.

6.Horror Monster: A creature often found in horror as the villain. From witches, to vampires, to the mortal serial killer if you can justify you can have it.

7. Gives Chills: A book with a summary that freaks you out or contains something that freaks you out.

8. Tales from the Grave: Read a short Story collection.

9. Setting Fun: Read a book with typical spooky place e.g. Graveyard, Haunted House, the Woods, abandon building etc.

10. Blood Red: Read a book with a red or orange cover.

11. Darkness Within: Read a book in the dark or darker conditions than usual. (Set a mood basically).

12. Striking Words: Read a book solely based on the title.

13.Lucky Number: Read a book with 13 Chapters or has 13 in the title.

Bonus The F-Up: Accidentally pick a book that doesn’t fit any challenges.