Halloween Bingo reading List update

Doomsday :The Fractured Earth 9/3/18 3 stars -

Modern Noir: Broken Ground 9/2/18 5 stars

Dead lands:Flottilla of the Dead - 9/12/18 5 stars

New Release:The Moor : 9/7/18 1 star called /read

A GrimmTale: Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter : 9/14/18 called/ read


Darkest London:Jack The Ripper: An Introduction to:Jack The Ripper

Spellbound :Witches Brew
Relics & Curiosities:True Paranormal Hauntings: 14 Spine Chilling Tales Of True Ghost Stories And Hauntings: True Paranormal Hauntings To Keep You Up At Night (Unexplained Encounters) 9/1/18 4.5 called/ read

Genre Suspense:Through The Fire

13:Raven's Ridge


Murder Most Foul: The House Without A Key ( book 1 Charlie Chan series) 4.5 called /read 

Slasher Stories:Red Dragon

free space:The Ex-Wife

County House Mystery:And Then there was none

Ghost stories :Haunted World War II


Amateur sleuth:Death in Paris

Shifters: Dark Captive

Southern Goth :Thresher -9/11/18 5 stars called /read

Terror in a small town:Afraid: 9/7/18 4.5

Fear the drowning Deep: What Lurks Beneath: 9/6/18 5 stars -


Diverse voices:wild card - Insomnia ( Stephen King) 9/23 18 3 stars read/ called

Baker Street Irregulars:Kiss Kill Love Him Still:9/5/18 1 star

Terrifying Women: Dying Scream:9/17/18 - called / read

Modern Masters of Horror: Rattus New Yorkus 9/17/18 - called and read

cryptozoologist: True Bigfoot Stories 9/3/18 3 stars - called / read