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Netgalley & Edelweiss+ February Book Haul

Ignite (Dark Kings #15) by Donna Grant The Liars An addictive and gripping new psychological thriller for 2019 by Naomi Joy Wolfhunter River (Stillhouse Lake, #3) by Rachel Caine Contagion by Teri Terry Kane (Cooper Construction, #2) by Jen Davis Brick (Cooper Construction, #1) by Jen Davis Extinction of All Children by L.J. Epps Journey to Territory M (Extinction of All Children #2) by L.J. Epps Journey to Territory U (Extinction of All Children #3) by L.J. Epps That Night by Cyn Balog King of Fools (The Shadow Game, #2) by Amanda FoodyA Map of the Dark (The Searchers #1) by Karen Ellis Last Night (The Searchers, #2) by Karen Ellis In The Heat Of The Night (The O'Roarkes, #2) by Katherine Garbera Blood for Blood (Ziba MacKenzie, #1) by Victoria Selman Only Daughter by Sarah A. Denzil Defending Morgan (Mountain Mercenaries, #3) by Susan Stoker Because You're Mine by Rea Frey Convergence by Ginny L. Yttrup I'll Never Tell by Catherine McKenzie Stone Mothers by Erin Kelly Confidential by Ellie MonagoA Stranger on the Beach by Michele Campbell Blood for Blood (Sixkiller U.S. Marshal, #5) by William W. Johnstone The Housewife by Valerie Keogh Highland Crown (Royal Highlander, #1) by May McGoldrick The Dare (Detective Natalie Ward #3) by Carol Wyer Lying Next to Me by Gregg Olsen The True Story of the Great Escape Stalag Luft III, March 1944 by Jonathan Vance The Violent Abuse of Women in 17th and 18th Century Britain by Geoffrey Pimm The Third Mrs. Durst by Ann Aguirre The League of Wives The Untold Story of the Women Who Took on the U.S. Government to Bring Their Husbands Home by Heath Hardage Lee 

Edelweiss+ Haul
Bad Debts (Jack Irish, #1) by Peter Temple Black Tide (Jack Irish, #2) by Peter Temple Dead Point (Jack Irish, #3) by Peter Temple White Dog (Jack Irish, #4) by Peter Temple 

The Last Second

The Last Second - Catherine Coulter

Title:The Last Second

Author:Catherine Coulter

Series:A Brit in the FBI, #6) 

Genre: adult mystery /thriller


Publishers:Gallery , Threshold, Pockect Books



book synopsis

Galactus, France’s answer to SpaceX, has just launched a communications satellite into orbit, but the payload actually harbors a frightening weapon: a nuclear-triggered electromagnetic pulse.


When the satellite is in position, Galactus’s second-in-command, Dr. Nevaeh Patel, will have the power to lay waste to the world with an EMP. A former astronaut, Patel believes she is following the directions of the Numen, aliens who saved her life when she space-walked outside the International Space Station. She is convinced that with the Holy Grail, just discovered by the owner of Galactus—eccentric treasure hunter Jean-Pierre Broussard—she can be reunited with the Numen, change the world’s destiny, and become immortal with them.


The countdown has begun when Special Agents Nicholas Drummond and Michaela Caine are thrown into the pending disaster. They must stop the EMP that would wreak havoc on communication and electronic systems on Earth, resulting in chaos and anarchy.

My thoughts

rating: 4.5

Would I recommend this series: yes

Will I be reading any more of this series : yes

Would I read anything else by this author : yes

Would have given it 5 stars but it left some questions not answered , even though that happened it was a very good read, it pulled me into the story , made the story believe able, as well as the characters, in fact even though I give it a 4.5 rating , i would say that it is the best one so far of the the 2 I've read, and I will be picking up the rest of the series, in fact this series reminds me of my favorite series by James Rollins Sigma Force series in some ways, I do have to say that one of the character is just plain nuts , to the point that I would never be in a room with with her. With that said I would like to thank Netgalley for letting me read and review it exchange for my honest opinion.

Honor of the Mountain Man

Honor of the Mountain Man - William W. Johnstone

Title: Honor of the Mountain Man

Series: Mountain Man, #20) 

Author: William W.Johnstone

Genre: western

Pages:288 pages


Smoke Jensen has a new mission - to help outlaw Joe Wales avenge the death of his wife. Outnumbered or not, Smoke is going to help his old friend track down the savages responsible for the crime.


My thoughts'

rating: 5 

Would I recommend this series: yes

Would I read anything else by this author: a big yes

Once again a hit for this series, love reading it even if I am reading it out of order but i have no trouble understand what is going on, can't wait to read more by him and of this series. With that said I want to say thanks to Netgalley for letting me read and review it exchange for my honest opinion.


Confidential - Ellie Monago

Title: Confidential
Author: Ellie Monago
Genre:Adult ( Women fiction)
Lake Union Publishing
Pub date: Mar 5,2019
Book synopsis 
From the bestselling author of Neighborly comes a twisty novel of psychological suspense about the lies three women tell to survive, and the ones they'd kill to keep hidden.

Everyone loves therapist Michael Baylor. He's handsome. He's respected. And he's provided a safe place for his female patients. Now he's dead, and a detective is casting a tight net for the murderer--because the good doctor may have done some very bad things with the women who trusted him. That's if their stories check out.

There's Lucinda, who struggled to process her childhood trauma even as she was falling in love with Dr. Baylor. Greer, an accomplished career woman who was torn by her sudden desire to have children, so she went to Dr. Baylor for help but may have gotten more than she bargained for. And then there's Flora, a beautiful former patient who'd been on intimate terms with the man she called Dr. Michael for two years. Some might even say she was obsessed with him.

Three women caught in a tangled web of lies and secrets. And each with a motive for murder. With so much at stake, can any of them be trusted to tell the truth?

My thoughts
Would I recommend it?yes a big fat yes
Would I read anything else by this author:yes
How did I find out about this book : Frishawn ( WTF Are You Reading?) and Robin ( Robin Loves Reading)  
WOW what a read, its a non stop ride through the craziness that is and are the women that are the main characters in the book, couldn't stand them and instead of feeling sorry for them , I hated them for been easy and for felling for his lies and tricks , because Michael was a douchebag and a creep as well as a big fat liar who used women and then throw them away . And don't get me started on the women like i said there was nothing I liked about them and I couldn't feel sorry for them in any way . With that said I want to thank Netgalley for letting read and review it exchange for my honest opinion .

DO I Have That Book Tag

original tag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4YnTYrGs48


The Challenges 1. Do you have a book with deckled edges? Yes title is : June by Miranda Beverly -Whittemore June


2. DO you have a book with 3 or more people on the cover? yes The Lost Eleven



3. Do you have a book based on another fictional story? yes Red (its a fairy re telling of Little Red Riding Hood)



4. Do you have a book with a title 10 letters long?Yes Timewarden



5. Do you have a book with a title that starts and ends with the same letter?yes Anna Karenina

6. Do you have a Mass Market Paperback book? yes Revival Revival


7. Do you have a book written by an author using a pen name? yes J. D. Robb Naked in Death (In Death #1)


 8. Do you have a book with a character's name in the title?yes



9. Do you have a book with 2 maps in it? yes Jefferson's America Jefferson's America: The President, the Purchase, and the Explorers Who Transformed a Nation


10. Do you have a book that was turned into a TV show? yes Under The Dome Under the Dome


11. Do you have a book written by someone who is originally famous for something else? (celebrity/athlete/politician/tv personality...)No



12. Do you have a book with a clock on the cover?Yes The Watchmaker's Daughter



13. Do you have a poetry book?No



14. Do you have a book with an award stamp on it? yes Rifles For Watie



15. Do you have a book written by an author with the same initials as you?N0



16. Do you have a book of short stories? yes Different Season Different Seasons: Four Novellas



17. Do you have a book that is between 500-510 pages long? yes ( 504 pages long)Prey


18. Do you have a book that was turned into a movie?Yes Savage Sam

19. Do you have a graphic novel?Yes Amulet 1-6The Stonekeeper (Amulet, #1)


20. Do you have a book written by 2 or more authors? yes Nighthawk


The Last Night Out

The Last Night Out - Catherine O'Connell

itle : the last night out
Author: Catherine O'Connell
Genre: Mystery /thrillers
Pub date: May 2,2019
Black Thor
Catherine O'Connell

Another books by this author:Well Read and DeadWell Bred and Dead, and Skins.

Book synopsis

Six friends. A bride to be. One murder. Too many secrets. 

After drinking too much at her bachelorette party, Maggie Trueheart wakes to find a stranger in her bed. To make matters worse, a phone call brings the devastating news that her friend Angie was murdered some time after they parted ways the night before.

Kelly Delaney, who left the party early, is the first of Maggie's friends to face questions from Chicago homicide detective Ron O'Reilly. After taking a closer look at the other women who attended the party, O'Reilly concludes that at least some of them are lying.

As the clock ticks down to the wedding day and more shocking secrets are revealed, the murderer zeros in on another one of the girls. Can the killer be stopped before there is another victim?

My thoughts:
Would I recommend it ?no 
Would I read anything else by this author?I would give her a second try 
First off I do have to it its slow going and that it takes a while for it to build up, plus not  a single character was likable , and I do mean not a one, everyone had secrets that they wanted to keep, and their lies just kept building and building, but while the story is slowing and the characters are all dislikeable, it did keep my interest throughout the book, and made me want to know more of everybody dirty little secrets. In fact it was only the dark secrets that kept me reading it even though there at the every end you get the answers there still felt like something was missing . With that said I would like to think Netgalley for letting me read and review it , exchange for my honest opinion.

Perfect Crime

Perfect Crime - Helen Sarah Fields

Title: Perfect Crime
Author: Helen Fields
Series: D.I.Callanach #5
Book synopsis
Stephen Berry is about to jump off a bridge until suicide prevention counsellor Damien Maclure stops him.

One week later, Stephen Berry is found dead at the bottom of a cliff. But did he take his own life…or was he pushed?

A spate of murders sweeps across Edinburgh, and to make matters worse for DI Luc Callanach and DCI Ava Turner, the victims seem random and entirely unconnected.

With no clear method for how the killer chooses their victims, Callanach and Turner are under more pressure than ever to identify the killer before it’s too late. But as a separate murder case rears its head and places Callanach as the prime suspect, it seems like this killer might just be uncatchable

My thoughts
Would I recommend this series: yes
Will I be reading anything else by this author: yes
This is the first time I've read anything by Helen Fields and I can say that I'm hooked and its all because of her character Lic Callanach and her style of writing , her story has a way of keeping you edge of your set and pulls you into the story  so much so that you just want to keep reading . Her characters come to life as does the places she's talking about , and even her bad guys seem alive and are ones you think you can trust but then they surprise you .  There are some warnings that you need to know about before you read this book its still a good one to read, especially how she deals with suicide, depression ,and other dark topics. And while this story is a little dark and twisted there is a  feel like there might be a romance that's going to happen . With that said I would like to think Netgalley for letting me reading it and review it exchange for my honest opinion.

Will Haunt You

Will Haunt You (Fiction Without Frontiers) - Brian Kirk
itle: Will Haunt You

Author: Brian Kirk



Publisher:Flame Tree Press

book synopsis

You don't read the book. It reads you.

Rumors of a deadly book have been floating around the dark corners of the deep web. A disturbing tale about a mysterious figure who preys on those who read the book and subjects them to a world of personalized terror. Jesse Wheeler--former guitarist of the heavy metal group The Rising Dead--was quick to discount the ominous folklore associated with the book. It takes more than some urban legend to frighten him. Hell, reality is scary enough. Seven years ago his greatest responsibility was the nightly guitar solo. Then one night when Jesse was blackout drunk, he accidentally injured his son, leaving him permanently disabled. Dreams of being a rock star died when he destroyed his son's future. Now he cuts radio jingles and fights to stay clean. But Jesse is wrong.

The legend is real--and tonight he will become the protagonist in an elaborate scheme specifically tailored to prey on his fears and resurrect the ghosts from his past. Jesse is not the only one in danger, however.

By reading the book, you have volunteered to participate in the author's deadly game, with every page drawing you closer to your own personalized nightmare.

The real horror doesn't begin until you reach the end. That's when the evil comes for you.

My thoughts 

Would I recommend it: No

Will I read anything else by this author: don't know

When I say the cover I was hopping for book that was going to keeping me up all night reading and one that was going to be scary and creepy , and sadly it didn't do any of those things, in fact there was times I wanted to DNF it but I didn't for I kept hopping it would get better and win me over ,once again it didn't do any those thing, its not a story kept me wanting to read it , in fact there was non thing I liked about it at all ,  it didn't pull me in to , it didn't hook me , it was just boring and confusing .With that said I want to thank Netgalley for letting me read it and review it exchange for my honest opinion.

Blind Date Bet

Blind Date Bet - Nicole Flockton

Title : Blind Date Bet

Series :Man's Best Friend #1

Author: Nicole Flockton

Genre: romance



Publishers: Tule Publishing

Book synopsis:

Never say never… 


After loving and losing a soldier once, Isabella Knowles made a vow: No more military men. She’s rebuilt her life and has a classroom full of fifth graders to love, which is more than enough even though her father doesn’t agree. When he sets her up on a blind date, she only goes to humor him -- never dreaming that the man she meets will tempt her to break her one rule. 


In theory, Ethan Masters is not opposed to the wife, kids and house with a white picket fence. But he loves his career as a K-9 handler in the air force, and a dream promotion dangles before him like dog tags. While contemplating his future, he accepts a drunken bet for a blind date, never dreaming that the captivating woman fits perfectly into his ideal, all-American dream. Only one problem. She's gun-shy about all things military. 


Can Ethan prove to Isabella love is worth the risk

My thoughts

rating: 3.5

Would I recommend this series : yes

Would I read anything else by this author: yes

A slow going romance , which is once again a nice change of pace , but still a good one to read, Loved how Isabella and Ethan first meet and their first date ,but there was times I just couldn't stand Isabella at all , it was like one minute she was hot for Ethan then she was cold, and there was times it was like she couldn't even make up her mind.Another thing I didn't like was how we didn't see Ethan doing his job , or even his dog Sam ,over all its a good story just to get lost in . With that said I want to thank Netgalley for letting me read it and review it exchange for my honest opinion

inside the Black Vault

Inside The Black Vault - John Greenewald,  Jr.

Title: inside the Black Vault

Author: John Greenewald Jr.

Pages: 152

Genre: Nonfiction Adult

Rowman & Littlefield

book synopsis

The evidence in this book may not ultimately give you the "smoking gun" you are looking for on your journey, but I guarantee it will give you a box of bullets when you find it. In 1996, John Greenewald, Jr. began researching the secret inner workings of the U.S. Government at the age of fifteen. He targeted such agencies as the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, Air Force, Army, Navy, NSA, DIA, and countless others. Greenewald utilized the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to gain access to more than two million pages of documents. This archive includes information relating to UFOs, the JFK Assassination, chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, and top secret aircraft. He took the millions of pages, and over the course of more than two decades, has built an archive known around the world, as The Black Vault. Inside The Black Vault: The Government's UFO Secrets Revealed takes you on a journey within the secret world of unidentified aerial phenomenon that has plagued the military since at least the 1940s. Declassified records prove that the UFO topic is one of the most highly classified and most elusive subjects the U.S. Government has ever dealt with. Each chapter explores various agencies and their documents, and Greenewald breaks down the meaning of why some of the most important documents are relevant to proving a massive cover-up. Along with declassified documents, Greenewald outlines the struggle it took him to get them. No other topic has proven so difficult, in more than 8,000 FOIA requests that he has filed. He explores why that might be and meets skeptics and debunkers head on, outlining why some of their more prominent rebuttals for it all cannot be true.

My thoughts 

rating: 4

Would I recommend it: yes but only to people who like reading stuff like this

Would I read anything else by this author : maybe

While reading this you start to wounder if there could be any true to what his talking about, and though out the book you get to see black and white photos of the papers he was able to get . He makes you question what you know about the secret inner works of the Government. As well as about parts of history that we all have read about. It gets you thinking and rethinking about what you know or think you know about the U.S.Government and what else could they be keeping from us , Its like the tv show X-Flies . With that said I want to thank Netgalley for letting me read and review it exchange for my honest opinion.

Monday reads

Inside The Black Vault - John Greenewald,  Jr. Will Haunt You (Fiction Without Frontiers) - Brian Kirk

Fierce Justice

Fierce Justice - Piper J. Drake

Title: Fierce Justice
Series: True Heroes #5
Author: Piper J.Drake
Pages: 304
Genre: romance
book synopsis
As a K9 handler on the Search and Protect team, Arin Siri needs to be where the action is--and right now that's investigating a trafficking operation in Hawaii. When an enemy from her past shows up bleeding, she's torn between the desire to patch Jason up or put more holes in him. Then again, the hotshot mercenary could be the person she needs to bust open her case.

Jason Landon's team had always been about taking the contract, getting paid, and not asking questions. But after his last mission went south, he started to get curious. His questions quickly drove him out of his mercenary group and off the grid. Now, the only people he can think of to help him are the Search and Protect team -- and the dark beauty who is as ready to kill him as she is to bed him. And he's totally ready to risk the former for the chance at the latter. But he isn't the only person with a target on his back. Arin's in danger too, and he'll do everything he can to keep her safe. 

My thoughts
Rating: 5
Would I recommend this series: yea
Will I be reading any more by this author: yes
Since this is my first time reading anything by this author I can say and will say that I loved it , even though the romance was slow burning it still worked in the story and didn't take anything away from it, I loved the interaction between the characters especially with Arin and Jason. Since I've read the hole series before this one and I do have one other one to read I would say its up to you to read it as a series or as a standalone , in my case just reading this one had made me want to read books as a series . I do have to say that there is one character I don't like as much as the others and that's Arin 's sister , how she acts towards her and makes her feel.With that said I would like to thank Netgalley for letting me read and review it ,exchange for my honest opinion

Bone Deep

Bone Deep  - Sandra Ireland

Title : Bone Deep

Author: Sandra Ireland

Pages; 272

Genre: General Fiction adult

Galley Books

Jun 11, 2019

Netgalley ARC

book synopsis

A twisty and propulsive read, this dark psychological thriller of sibling rivalry, love, betrayal, and the dire consequences of family fallout brilliantly plays on our fears of loneliness and abandonment, harkening to the modern gothic bestsellers by Ruth Ware and Liz Nugent.

Is a story ever just a story?

Mac, a retired academic and writer, is working on a new collection of folktales, inspired by local legends, and at the insistence of her only child, Arthur, she hires a young assistant, Lucie, to live in a cottage on her property and help her transcribe them. What Arthur doesn’t know is that his mother is determined to keep the secrets of her past from ever being discovered. And what Mac doesn’t know is that Lucie has a few complicated secrets of her own.

The creaking presence of an ancient water mill next to Mac’s property that used to grind wheat into flour serves as an eerie counterpoint for these two women as they circle warily around each other, haunted by the local legend of two long-dead sisters, ready to point accusing fingers from the pages of history.

This atmospheric page turner evocatively gives voice to the question: What happens when you fall in love with the wrong person?


My thoughts

rating : 4 stars

Would I recommend this book ? yes

Would I read anything else by this author ? yes

It does take a while for the story to pick up and doing that time I was like nope not going to finish it going to have to DNF it but the more I read the more I began to get a fell for the story and what I saw I actually started to like , because the more you get into the story you start to see that its not just about 2 sisters , felling for the wrong guy, its more then that, its about dark secrets , and how far some people will go , the madness of one of the characters and I would definitely say that the person is crazy , its about how the mill is linked to the secrets and how far back they go , and will they come out in the oping , its about a son not knowing about his mothers secrets ,in fact its all of those in one story and how their linked . The story is told in the views of Mac and Lucie ,as well as how the 2 sisters fit in all of this . So yes while its slow and seems boring ,it does take time to get in to the story , it turns around and gets dark, as well as creepy . With that said I want to thank Netgalley for letting me read and review exchange for my honest opinion.

Dragon Speaker

Dragon Speaker (The Shadow War Saga, #1). - Elana A. Mugdan

Title : Dragon Speaker

Series: The Shadow War Saga Book One

Author: Elana A.Mugdun

Genre: fantasy 

pages: 366

book synopsis

Everyone knows this story: an unlikely young hero is chosen by divine providence to save the world from a terrible evil. 

Except Keriya Nameless is crippled, without the ability to wield magic—in fact, she's the only person who doesn't have powers of her own. The god who chose her is a mysterious dragon with a knack for exploiting loopholes in rules. Oh, and that terrible evil the world needs to be saved from? Maybe it’s not quite as evil as everyone says.

As Keriya ventures into the magical realm of Allentria, she learns things aren't black-and-white, and not everything is what it appears to be. Her quest would test the courage of even the bravest hero, and as the chosen Dragon Speaker, she quickly learns she's at the center of an age-old war . . .

A war that will decide the fate of everything.


My thoughts

Would I recommend this book: yes 

 Will I be going on with this series : yes

First off I want to say  thanks to the author for sending it to me to read and review and that it was unsolicited . If you like Eragon ( The Inheritance Cycle ) by Christopher Paolini, then you might like this one as well because it has dragons, magic , action and adventure , heroes that face the evil lord , secrets , and its also has  drama, and so much more to offer . And the more you read the more you see the characters come into their own , and you see the world come to life as well . Some times it does feel like its slow going and then it speeds up but that doesn't take anything away from the story in fact it helps make the story come to life . With that said once again I would like to think Elana for letting read and review her book exchange for my honest opinion , and I can't wait to see what happens next.

The Last House Guest

The Last House Guest  - Ms. Megan Miranda

Title : The Last House Guest

Author: Megan Miranda

Genre: General Fiction - Adult

Pages: 336

Simon & Schuster

Pub date is : May 2nd 

book synopsis

 Littleport, Maine is like two separate towns: a vacation paradise for wealthy holidaymakers and a simple harbour community for the residents who serve them. Friendships between locals and visitors are unheard of - but that's just what happened with Avery Greer and Sadie Loman.

Each summer for a decade the girls are inseparable - until Sadie is found dead. When the police rule the death a suicide, Avery can't help but feel there are those in the community, including a local detective and Sadie's brother Parker, who blame her. Someone known more than they're saying, and Avery is intent on clearing her name before the facts get twisted against her.

My thoughts
rating : 5
Would I recommend this book : yes
Will I read any thing else by this author: yes
In fact I have read both of her books  All The Missing Girls & The Perfect Stranger  and loved  them  , so as soon as I saw she had this one coming out I had to request it. All of her stories take place in a small town where it seems everybody knows everybody's business ,but can still keep secrets no matter how dark they are. As your reading the story your finding out what happened and why , it keeps you guessing and asking questions like was Sadie's death a suicide ,or  murder and if it was suicide why did she do , or who killed her and why, or did Avery have something to do with or does she know more then she's telling people . It also keeps you guessing on who can she truest and can she clear her name . Just like All The Missing Girls and The Perfect Stranger  the story is  interesting and well writing , and slow burning which is good because it keeps you pulled in to the story to the ever last page , So to find out more you have to read the book . With that said I want to thank Netgalley and Simon & Schuster for letting me read and review it exchange for my honest opinion.

Guns of the Mountain Man

Guns of the Mountain Man - William W. Johnstone

Title: Guns Of the Mountain Man

Series : last Of the Mountain Man #24

Author : William W. Johnstone


book synopsis

With a brace of Colt .44s, a deadly aim, and a bullet-shredded Bible, despicable desperado Lazarus Cain has already made a name for himself in Texas. But he makes his first mistake when he crosses a Colorado ranch in the highland meadows known as Sugarloaf. His second mistake? Crossing the rancher, Smoke Jensen. With a pair of burning six-guns and a deadly gift for using them, Smoke is about to blow Cain back to his maker. But not before he gives him a flaming taste of Hell -- Mountain Man style


my thoughts

Would I recommend this series : yes

Will I be reading more by this author: yes

I can see why some people didn't like this book because it does have flashbacks" to his other books in the series ,but for me i actually liked it because they just made me want to read more of this series, love how Smoke's friends came to his add even when he didn't want to ask them or even know they was coming, how close the characters where and are like a family. Also the flashbacks help to make the characters more real at least to me , and the bad guy was even a bit creepy which was a other thing I liked about the book .With that said I want to thank Netgalley and Kensington Books for letting me once again read and review one of William W. Johnstone's books exchange for my honest opinion

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